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Things to Do in Gangwon


Seoraksan National Park
34 Tours and Activities

With its magnificent, towering hilltops and more than 2,000 species of animals, Seoraksan National Park is a UNESCO Biosphere Protection site and ranks among the most beautiful parks on the Korean Peninsula. Well-marked trails lead past Buddhist temples as they wind through the picturesque landscape.

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Gangchon Rail Park
21 Tours and Activities

The Gangchon Rail Park gives visitors the opportunity to cycle along a disused, double-tracked railway line to view the scenery along Nami Island, an easy day trip from South Korea’s capital of Seoul. The cycle is not strenuous, and the route features themed tunnels, rest stops, and a ride on a vintage-style train at the end.

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Sokcho Tourist & Fishery Market (Jungang Market)
3 Tours and Activities

Located in Sokcho City in South Korea’s Gangwon Province, the Sokcho Tourist & Fishery Market (Jungang Market) is a quintessential Korean market specializing in fish, chicken and fresh fruits. Locals come to shop for groceries, and even if you’re not planning to cook, the market is an entertaining place for a stroll. The seafood section of the market teems with live aquatic critters in large fish tanks, making it akin to a free aquarium, and the variety of fruits on offer are inexpensive and great to take back to the hotel for breakfast or a snack.

While most people come to Sokcho Jungang Market to shop, the typical traveler comes to eat. The market food stalls have earned a drool-worthy reputation for their mansuk, a traditional local dish made by deep-frying chicken and tossing it in a sweet and spicy sauce. Some two dozen of these stalls occupy the market, and while they might all look the same at first glance, the ones with the longer lines are usually the best bets.

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