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Beer & Cheese in Amsterdam

Beer & Cheese in Amsterdam

No visit to Amsterdam is complete without sampling some Gouda or Edam cheese and throwing back a few pale lagers. A variety of themed boat, biking, and walking tours give you a taste of the city’s signature cheeses and beers. Here are a few to try.

Beer Tours

  • Combine a day or two on Amsterdam’s hop-on hop-off boat with a visit to the Heineken Experience to learn about one of the world’s most famous breweries.

  • Learn about the Dutch beer industry and sample a few beers while visiting a local beer hall, brewery, and other popular watering holes on a themed tour.

  • Enjoy a burger and beers on an evening canal cruise past some of Amsterdam’s most notable attractions, such as the Anne Frank House and City Hall.

  • Take a daylong bicycle tour of the city center before quenching your thirst with a few beers in the Red Light District.

Cheese Tours

  • Learn about how cheese is made and how to differentiate between various kinds during a wine and cheese tasting in an Amsterdam cheese shop.

  • Take a day trip through the Dutch countryside to try the world-renowned cheeses of Edam and to experience traditional Dutch culture and craftsmanship in villages like Marken and Volendam. 

  • Unwind during a candlelight cruise along Amsterdam’s fabled canals while sampling Dutch cheese and wine.

  • Tour the Alkmaar cheese market and check out the windmill village of Schermerhorn.

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