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Belgium Tours from Amsterdam

Belgium Tours from Amsterdam

While based in Amsterdam, it’s easy to take a day trip to neighboring Belgian cities such as Bruges and Brussels. Cross the border on a day trip from Amsterdam to see the monuments, markets, eateries, and town centers, and catch some scenery along the way. Here are your options.


Brussels — 127 miles (204 km) from Amsterdam

As both the capital of Belgium and home to the European Parliament, Brussels features attractions from centuries past and the present. Check out the modern architecture of the gleaming European Parliament headquarters, the handsome lines of the Royal Palace, and famous sights like the Manneken Pis fountain.


Bruges — 157 miles (253 km) from Amsterdam

Bruges has a well-preserved, UNESCO-listed medieval town center that offers a number of things to do. See this compact city’s canals, historic Gothic-style buildings, and imposing merchants’ houses that line the winding narrow streets, and be sure to walk through Markt and Burg squares or hop on a boat cruise through the canals. Other highlights include the Basilica of the Holy Blood and the Flemish Primitive art collection in the Groeninge Museum.

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