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Arch of Cabo San Lucas (El Arco)
207 Tours en activiteiten

Nature has carved some amazing formations at Los Cabos, and El Arco is perhaps the most famous.

A signature icon of Los Cabos, the limestone arch carved by time, tide and wind runs down to the water’s edge and into the sea. From a distance the formation looks for all the world like a dragon, and up close the arch frames sky, sea and sand for picture-perfect photos.

Take a cruise by day or sunset for views of El Arco from the water, and look out for sea lions basking on the shore.

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Lover's Beach (Playa del Amor)
67 Tours en activiteiten

Playa del Amor - or Lover's Beach - is a true hidden gem, nestled amongst the craggy rocks of Land’s End. Reached only by boat, this perfect crescent of sand is surrounded by rocky outcrops, including views of El Arco.

The secluded location is a romantic destination for a day by the sea, the lovely stretch of sand extending across the Land’s End peninsula from the Sea of Cortes to the Pacific Ocean. The water here is dangerous, so take care if you go for a swim or snorkel, and only enter the water on the Sea of Cortes side of the beach.

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Cabo San Lucas Cruise Port
93 Tours en activiteiten

Cabo San Lucas finds itself on all cruise lines, making their way along the Mexican Rivera and Sea of Cortez. It has also garnered a reputation for being an American ex-pat party hot spot. This is THE place to do your duty-free shopping and pick up vacation trinkets and souvenirs. Outside of downtown’s party atmosphere, Los Cabos offers tranquil scenery and exotic adventure opportunities.

Downtown Cabo is a pleasant ten-minute beachside walk from the marina. The town itself is very walkable, however taxis are readily available by the terminal. Several international car rental agencies have offices in town, if you feel like getting out and exploring beyond the coast.

Los Cabos is known as a great locale to get your water sport on! Try the Sailing and snorkeling cruise through the famous rock formations and see some remote beaches. Or, get up close with the abundant and diverse tropical ocean ecosystem in a Two-tank scuba dive.

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Chileno Beach (Playa Chileno)
16 Tours en activiteiten

One of the premier beaches in the Cabo San Lucas area, Chileno Beach offers sun-seekers unrivaled beauty, deep seclusion, and some excellent snorkeling opportunities. Protected by the Chileno Bay, the waters here are calm, warm, and clear, and the reefs that lie just offshore act as home to an abundance of sea-life. It’s no wonder that Chileno beach is one of Cabo’s most celebrated treasures, as a visit to the beach here is close to what you get in the rich Caribbean.

Chileno beach is a popular stop for those looking to do a bit of underwater exploration or to laze on the sunny shores of this secluded escape. Still, there are few accommodations to be found here (bathrooms aside), so if you’re planning on making the trek to Chileno Beach yourself, it’s best to bring your food and snorkel gear yourself, unless you’ve planned to take a tour of the area.

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