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Hohenzollern Bridge (Hohenzollernbrücke)
11 Tours en activiteiten

The waters of the mighty Rhine split Cologne in half, and the city is united across a series of seven bridges, with none more splendid than the spans of the Hohenzollernbrücke, which stretch 1,342 feet (410 meters) across the river in three great steel arches.

This spectacular city landmark is almost as famous as Cologne’s twin-spired Gothic cathedral – the largest in Europe – and was completed in 1911, with four railway lines joining Cologne to cities across Europe. German troops destroyed the bridge at the end of World War II in the face of advancing Allied soldiers but it rose phoenix-like once more in 1948. Today it is both a pedestrian and rail bridge with around 1,200 trains passing over it daily and pairs of equestrian bronzes punctuating both ends.

A curious tradition has recently grown up around the Hohenzollernbrücke; lovers affix padlocks to its sides and throw the key into the Rhine in exchange for eternal love.

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Cologne Chocolate Museum (Schokoladenmuseum)
13 Tours en activiteiten

Hans Imhoff, een chocolatier en zakenman uit Keulen opende het Schokoladenmuseum in 1993, nadat hij met pensioen ging in de textielindustrie in 1992. Het museum met zijn naam is een eerbetoon aan het product van de cacaoboon, van ontwikkeling en primitieve verwerking in de tijd van de Olmeken, Maya’s en Azteken tot moderne productiemethoden en innovaties. Het programma toont de rol van chocolade in latere Zuid-Amerikaanse beschavingen en onder de Europese elite. Het museum is gevestigd in een schipvormig gebouw van ijzer en glas. Binnen ziet u het proces van het maken van chocolade van de plantage naar de snoepwinkel. Ook is er een broeikas waar twee soorten cacao worden gekweekt en ziet u de industrialisatie van de cacaoproductie, waaronder oude reclamecampagnes. Met miniatuurmachines kunt u van dichtbij het productieproces bekijken, waarna de chocolade die hiermee gemaakt is geproefd kan worden.

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Cologne Old Town (Altstadt)
9 Tours en activiteiten

Old Town is in many ways, the heart and soul of the city. It's near the Köln Dom, surrounded by "the Ring," a ring of streets, botanical space, and promenades following the path of the old city's walls. Inside the ring and along the Rhine is a vibrant scene of bars, pubs, and restaurants. While it can get crowded, Old Town is known for its hustle and overall friendly vibe.

Tours of Old Town include tours of the Cathedral, a brewpub tour (expect to drink a lot of Kölsch), or a cruise on the Rhine. However, the best way to experience Old Town is on foot. Confident travelers may want to practice their German in this area; if you do, pay attention to speakers - Kölsch is a beer, but it's also an accent, both of which being native to Cologne. In Alter Markt Square, you'll find plenty of both, as brew pubs and bars are plentiful.

Beyond the rhythm of the bars and shops are seemingly innumerable small streets and alleys that wind through the old buildings.

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