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Kauai bezienswaardigheden


Na Pali Coast
18 Tours en activiteiten

Kauai’s Na Pali Coast is famous for its seaside beauty, marine life and water sports.

The 15-mile (24 km) length of coast is lined by cliffs, white-sand beaches and turquoise sea.

Come here to whale watch or spot dolphins and monk seals on an eco-cruise or sailing adventure. Follow the Kalalau Trail to go hiking across the cliff tops to Hanakapiai beach and waterfalls.

Say hello to the local marine life on a snorkeling excursion, with the opportunity to see tropical fish and green sea turtles.

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Waimea Canyon
21 Tours en activiteiten
Known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, Waimea Canyon is a wild and wonderful river gorge. Carved over the millennia by the volcanic activity and the floodwaters of the Waimea River, the red rock canyon measures up 16 km long, and 900 m deep. Known for its spectacular views and hiking trails, Waimea Canyon offers plenty of scenic lookouts, picnic areas and nature trails.
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Poipu Beach Park
9 Tours en activiteiten

Poipu Beach Park is Kauai’s most popular beach resort for families, with a natural ocean pool, golden sand and an endless array of watersports.

This beach is watched over by lifeguards, to ensure safe seaside fun for all the family. You’ll also find a playground, washing facilities, picnic tables, shady lawns and mini golf.

The vacation activities are boundless at Poipu, from summertime surfing and year-round snorkeling to hiking, horseback riding and golf.

Other beaches nearby include protected Baby Beach for youngsters, body-surfing waves at Brennecke’s, snorkeling from Lawai and shoreline walking at Shipwreck’s Beach.

As this is a resort area, you’ll also find great shopping and dining at Poipu Beach, including popular oceanfront restaurants and seafood beach bars.

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Koke'e State Park
4 Tours en activiteiten

When compared to the sun-drenched beaches of Poipu or Hanalei, Koke’e State Park is a brisk mountain outpost where bikinis and boardshorts are replaced by flannels and hiking boots. Located at 4,000 ft. in the uplands above Waimea Canyon, the air is cooler than down on the shoreline, and flocks of nene goose meander through the low clouds that linger on the forested mountain slopes.

In addition to being a mountain outpost, Koke’e State Park is known as having Kauai’s best hiking. No fewer than a dozen trails depart from the immediate vicinity, with trailheads leading either towards the colorful ravines of famous Waimea Canyon or into the lush interior which ranks as one of the wettest spots on the world. Still other trails lead towards overlooks which gaze down on the Na Pali coast, and the 3,000 ft. near-vertical drops are definitely not for the faint of heart.

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Polihale State Park

Regardless of what type of traveler you are or what sort of experience you’re looking for, Polihale State Park on the far western edge of Kaua’i is a remote outpost that holds a different allure for all who venture to her shores.

If you’re a novelty-seeker you can revel in the knowledge that Polihale State Park is the westernmost public beach in the entire state of Hawaii. If you’re an adventure-seeker, you’ll love how Polihale State Park is accessed by a rugged dirt road where 100 ft. sand dunes line the empty shoreline. If you’re a photographer, Polihale State Park is one of the few places on Kauai where you can photograph the sunset disappearing into the water and somehow be the only person around.

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