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Palma Cathedral (La Seu)
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"In 1229, the great hero of Spain's Reconquista from the Moors, King James I, sailed to the Balearics amidst a horrible storm. If he made it to the Muslim-held isles, he pledged, he would build a great cathedral in honor of the Christian god, La Seu Cathedral. James safely arrived on Mallorca's beautiful shores, and after successfully occupying all four islands, transformed La Palma's magnificent mosque into one of the finest Gothic churches in all Europe. It may seem enough to appreciate La Seu's fantastic facades, 43 meters (141 feet) of ornate stonework, redesigned over the years by gifted architects including Gaudi and reflected in the calm Mediterranean. But it is well worth entering to see the richly adorned and magnificently vaulted interior. There are many archaeological attractions to the quite large Cathedral. Three naves hold numerous gold and silver-lined shrines, two 18th century Baroque candelabras weighing in at over 250kg each.
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Palma Plaza Mayor
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The Plaza Mayor is Palma’s true epicenter. Others might claim the geographic center of the city to be located elsewhere, but it is from this large plaza that all the excitement of old-town Palma generates. There’s a saying in Palma that “all roads lead to Plaza Mayor” and if you’re taking a stroll through old town, you’ll sure find this to be true.

Enter the plaza and the first thing you’ll notice is its imposing size. The enormous square is surrounded by old Spanish buildings of the 14th century and once housed the offices of the Spanish inquisition. Today, this area is known as the artist’s quarter, so you’re bound to spot a few galleries highlighting some of the local talent. In addition, a weekly market is held in the square, and a variety of notable goods can be purchased from colorful vendors here.

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Port of Palma (Puerto de Palma)
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The lovely old town clustered around Sa Seu, the 13th century Cathedral, is a delight to wander through, exploring narrow winding streets, sitting in outdoor cafes and discovering the history of this diverse city poised between Europe and Africa, with traces remaining of its Roman, Christian and Muslim periods of rule. And of course there are the beaches and yacht harbors and lovely clear water for swimming.

Cruise ships dock in the commercial port some way from town and it is not a pleasant walk. Most lines will provide a shuttle service, otherwise taxis are easily found – head to the Cathedral and begin exploring the town from there. Within the town center everything you will want to see is within walking distance.

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