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Al Alam Palace (Sultan's Palace)
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With its funnel-like gold and blue pillars and lone flagpole extending like an antenna from its flat roof, Al Alam Palace (Sultan's Palace) is one of Oman’s most striking examples of contemporary Islamic architecture. The palace, built in 1972, is set between the Mirani and Jalali forts along the coast of Muscat’s Old Town and is one of six royal residences belonging to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos.

Over the years, the ceremonial palace has received a number of important visitors, including Queen Elizabeth of England and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, as well as hosting a number of official functions and ceremonies. Although the palatial buildings are closed to the public, visitors can still enjoy views of Imam Sultan bin Ahmed’s masterpiece from the surrounding palace gardens or the waterfront of the nearby Muscat Port.

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Al Mirani Fort
11 Tours en activiteiten

Looking down over Muscat’s Old Town from its cliff top perch, the mighty Al Mirani Fort is one of Oman’s most striking landmarks, guarding the entrance to Muscat Bay. Built in the 16th century, along with the neighboring Al Jalali Fort, the fort is one of the most significant structures left over from the years of Portuguese colonization and was occupied by Portuguese troops until Imam Sultan bin Saif recaptured it in 1649, spearheading the decline of the city’s Portuguese rule.

Restored and extended in the 19th century, the fortress of Al Mirani is the larger of the two forts and makes an impressive backdrop for those exploring the Old Town or strolling along the Muttrah Corniche. Despite its popularity though, the fort is closed to the public and visitors will have to make do with taking in the views from the outside.

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Al Jalali Fort
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One of a pair of 16th-century ports perched on the coastal cliffs surrounding the Old Town of Muscat, the dramatic stronghold of Al Jalali Fort is one of the city’s most prominent landmarks. Built by the Portuguese in 1587, both Al Jalali and its neighbor, Al Mirani Fort, played important roles in the years of Portuguese colonization before being reclaimed by the Omani in the mid 17th century.

Today, the hilltop fortress houses a private museum set up by Sultan Qaboos bin Said to showcase items of Oman’s national heritage to visiting dignitaries and heads of state. Reached by a stairwell cut into the rocks or by cable car, the mighty fortress hosts a number of military parades and city celebrations, but remains closed to the public except for special events.

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