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Om de verspreiding van het coronavirus te voorkomen, kunnen attracties gesloten of gedeeltelijk gesloten zijn. Raadpleeg reisadviezen van overheden voordat u boekt. De Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie (WHO) houdt het coronavirus nauwlettend in de gaten en u kunt hier meer informatie vinden.

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Savannah bezienswaardigheden


Savannah Historic District
40 Tours en activiteiten

The Historic District of Savannah is considered the heart of the city and corresponds to the area that defined Savannah prior to the American Civil War. It’s the largest National Historic Landmark District in the United States, attracting millions of visitors on an annual basis. Savannah’s Historic District encompasses more than 20 city squares laid out in a distinctive grid pattern. General James E. Oglethorpe, founder of the British Colony of Georgia, laid out the original plan back in 1733. Today, much of the original plan remains visible through its divisions, also called wards, squares and trustee lots. The Historic District showcases 18th and 19th century architecture styles like Georgian, Gothic and Greek Revival, and is home to a number of important buildings and complexes. Here, visitors will find museums, churches, mansions, famous forts and monuments dating back to the Revolutionary and Civil War periods. It’s also the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low.

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Savannah River Street
19 Tours en activiteiten

River Street Savannah is not only a picturesque place to walk or jog along the river, but is also a hub of activity in downtown Savannah. Known for dreamy views of the river, its tree-lined promenade, and its strip of shops and restaurants, visitors to Savannah come here to get a sense of what Savannah has to offer. Whether it be a ferry boat ride along the winding Savannah River, a concert in the park, or just to sample some of the many local Savannah restaurants boasting delicious southern fare, the River Street is where you head if you want the authentic Savannah experience.

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Bonaventure Cemetery
9 Tours en activiteiten

Made famous by both the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, (and the Clint Eastwood-directed film of the same name), Bonaventure Cemetery, is an iconic cemetery positioned on a bluff overlooking the Wilmington River. With its live oaks, dramatic lawn sculptures, and dripping Spanish moss, the Bonaventure Cemetery has a distinctly eerie yet beautiful air to it, and thus makes for one of the best attractions in all of Savannah. Quintessentially Southern Gothic, a stroll through this cemetery is one of hot summer dreams, and on this stroll you’ll come across graves of ex-military generals, the poet Conrad Aiken, the Academy Award-winning lyricist Johnny Mercer, and Georgia’s first governor.

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Davenport House Museum
5 Tours en activiteiten

This 1820 Federal-style home is the origination of a lot more than beautiful genteel mansions in Savannah, Georgia. Once home to successful artisan Isaiah Davenport, throughout it’s near 200-year history this house developed a past all its own. A Cinderella tale of neglect and rebirth, saving the Davenport House Museum was the first act of the Historic Savannah Foundation, which has gone on to single-handedly save hundreds of historic buildings in downtown Savannah, thus imbuing the town with the charm it’s known for today. Now known as one of the finest examples of architecture in Savannah, the Davenport House not only boasts an impressive and peaceful garden, but also houses an exquisite look into 19th century living.

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Forsyth Park
12 Tours en activiteiten

Named after a governor and made famous by its live oaks, dripping Spanish moss, and Confederate Memorial Statue, Forsyth Park is the green hub of historic downtown Savannah. A 30-acre park, this expansive stretch of greenery is home to outdoors enthusiasts, Victorian-era mansions, and architectural treasures like Hodgson Hall and the Lucy Armstrong Mansion. Enjoyed by all who visit, Forsyth Park is for anyone who wants to see post-card worthy Savannah at its finest.

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