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Om de verspreiding van het coronavirus te voorkomen, kunnen attracties gesloten of gedeeltelijk gesloten zijn. Raadpleeg reisadviezen van overheden voordat u boekt. De Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie (WHO) houdt het coronavirus nauwlettend in de gaten en u kunt hier meer informatie vinden.

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Washington DC bezienswaardigheden - bladzijde 2


Mount Vernon
17 Tours en activiteiten

A visit to George Washington's Virginia home, Mount Vernon, is an easy escape from Washington D.C. – one that the president himself enjoyed. It's also a journey through history: the country estate of this quintessential gentleman has been meticulously restored and affords a glimpse of rural gentility from a time long gone.

On the Potomac banks, the 19-room mansion displays George and Martha's colonial tastes, while the outbuildings and slave quarters show what was needed for the functioning of the estate. George and Martha are both buried here, as requested by the first president in his will.

The modern Ford Orientation Center is a must-see on the grounds. It features a 20-minute film that shows Washington's courage under fire, including his pivotal crossing of the Delaware River. Another highlight is the sleek Reynolds Museum and Education Center, home to galleries and theaters, which provide more insight into Washington's life.

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Arlington National Cemetery
58 Tours en activiteiten

More than four million people visit Arlington National Cemetery, which contain the graves of soldiers of every war the United States has fought since the American Revolution. The cemetery is also a resting place for such American leaders as John F. Kennedy, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and Medgar Evers.

At the end of Memorial Drive is the Women In Military Service for America Memorial, honoring women who have served in the armed forces since the Revolution. On the slopes above are the Kennedy gravesites; an eternal flame marks John F. Kennedy’s grave. The Tomb of the Unknowns holds unidentified bodies from World War I, World War II, and the Korean War. Soldiers march before it 24 hours a day, performing an impressive ceremonial changing of the guard every half hour.

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Alexandria Christ Church
4 Tours en activiteiten

Feel the reverence of history and the weight of time at Christ Church in Old Town Alexandria, where visitors today sit in the same pews where George Washington and Robert E. Lee once worshipped. Commenced in 1767, Christ Church is a living testament to American history, and so is the site's cemetery, which memorializes 34 Confederate prisoners of war who perished in prison camps during the Civil War.

Christ Church measures a mere 60 feet by 50 feet, but despite its small size, the brick landmark looms large over the town and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1970. The church consists of the main worshiping space, galleries in the upper level, a tower and the cemetery. Today, there are still regular services and events, as well as a congregation of more than 2,000 members. Tradition has it that every new president visits Christ Church on Washington's birthday.

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Colonial Williamsburg
5 Tours en activiteiten

That the future may learn from the past.” Colonial Williamsburg’s original motto holds true today, as this 301-acre living history museum recreates the Revolutionary War period with detailed attention on historical accuracy. Williamsburg served as the state of Virginia’s capital from 1699 to 1780, and its proximity to other historical towns such as Jamestown and Yorktown make it a mecca for history buffs and the ultimate vacation destination for families looking to learn while having fun. In Colonial Williamsburg, visitors can experience daily life in colonial times. From how food was cooked without modern technology to the tactics of warfare and weaponry of the time, Williamsburg has it all. Some of the more popular attractions involve visits to the local blacksmith and silversmith, browsing the wig shop and seeing the costumes of the era. In total, Colonial Williamsburg has 35 exhibition sites, 22 sites dedicated to showing off more than 30 18th-century trades.

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Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA)
3 Tours en activiteiten

Dit vliegveld, dat vanaf 1998 werd vernoemd naar voormalig president Ronald Reagan, opende haar deuren in 1926 en is het centrale middelpunt van de luchtvaart in Amerika. Het biedt reizigers een snel vertrek uit de hoofdstad.

Terminal A, die opende in 1941, is onlangs gerenoveerd, terwijl de helder verlichte en versierde hallen van de Terminals B en C 35 gates hebben, waar reizigers kunnen vertrekken voor vluchten naar tientallen steden in het land. Reizigers met een wat langere tussenstop kunnen de artistieke tentoonstellingen van de wisselende Gallery Walk in Terminal A bekijken en er zijn voldoende plekken om even wat te eten.

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1 tour en activiteit

Thomas Jefferson himself designed much of Monticello, his plantation home. After serving as Secretary of State, the United States's third president incorporated the designs of French villas into his plantation, which features extensive gardens, a small body of water that reflects the house and Monticello Cemetery, where Jefferson is buried.

Today, Monticello, located near the University of Virginia, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The sprawling plantation house serves as a museum with a variety of tours available, all of which seek to educate the public on the life and times of Jefferson. Restoration and archaeological pursuits continue on the grounds, and as recently as the early 2000s, archaeologists uncovered a burial ground for slaves. The controversial topic of Jefferson's ownership of slaves is discussed in many of the educational tours.

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