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Alcatraz Early Morning Access Tour met lunchkrediet!

San Francisco, Verenigde Staten

Vanaf US$ 150,00 / person

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Uw bescherming tijdens COVID-19
Wat u kunt verwachten tijdens uw bezoek
Mondkapjes verplicht voor reizigers in openbare ruimtes
Tijdens de ervaring moet er voldoende afstand worden gehouden
Regelmatige temperatuurcontroles voor het personeel
Temperatuurcontroles bij aankomst voor reizigers
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Vertrek 's ochtends vroeg naar Alcatraz Island, voordat de drukte aanbreekt, tijdens deze tour met vroege toegang. Berijd de veerboot vanaf Pier 33 en begin aan de bekroonde audiotour die de verhalen uit de gevangenis vertelt. Nadat je naar de kade bent teruggekeerd, gebruik je het bijgeleverde tegoed om lunch te kopen bij geselecteerde voedselverkopers.

Additional Details

  • Vroege tour om de drukte te verslaan
  • Alcatraz audiotour inbegrepen
  • Veerboot tussen Pier 33 en het eiland Alcatraz
  • Lunchkrediet voor geselecteerde Fisherman's Wharf-voedselverkopers

De redenen dat reizigers voor deze tour kiezen

Met fiets pick-up in de buurt van de Alcatraz veerboot, dit is een handige combinatie voor onafhankelijke ontdekkingsreizigers.
Saved to wishlist!
Vervoer per boot van en naar het eiland Alcatraz (vertrekt bij Pier33)
Alcatraz Island-audiotour (downloadbaar op je mobiele telefoon)
Ga op het eiland Alcatraz (geen toegang tot een gebouw vanwege covid)
11.00 uur of 12.00 uur Vroeg vertrek tijdens het Covid Restrictieseizoen
$ 15 per persoon voedselkrediet geselecteerde werfverkoper (verloopt dezelfde dag)
Vertrektijd 1-2 dagen vóór toegewezen en per extra e-mail verzonden
Toegang tot Alcatraz Island ($ 39,90 niet-restitueerbare USD-waarde)
Vervoer van hotels / pieren naar elke activiteit
Gast betaalt overtollige voedselrekening / belastingen / fooien
De voedselbon vervalt op dezelfde dag als de Alcatraz-datum. Geen verdere kredieten of gebruik.


San Francisco Pier 33 - Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, CA, Verenigde Staten

Gegevens terugkeer

Keert terug naar oorspronkelijk vertrekpunt
  • U ontvangt (afhankelijk van beschikbaarheid) binnen 48 uur na de boeking een bevestiging
  • Rolstoeltoegankelijk
  •  Time of Alcatraz-tour wordt 1-2 dagen van tevoren verzonden door ADDITIONAL VIATOR EMAIL
  • Ga niet naar Alcatraz Pier 33, tenzij u van tevoren uw tijd van ons weet!
  • Een tegoedbon is een eenmalige tegoedbon die dezelfde dag moet worden gebruikt of verloren. Verkoper Gelegen in Fisherman's Wharf (niet in Alcatraz).
  • Toegankelijk voor kinderwagens
  • Hulpdieren toegestaan
  • Dichtbij openbaar vervoer
  • Kleuters moeten op schoot
  • Rolstoeltoegankelijk vervoer
  • Terrein is toegankelijk voor rolstoelgebruikers
  • Geschikt voor vrijwel alle reizigers
  • Er nemen maximaal 14 reizigers deel aan deze tour/activiteit
  • UITGEVOERD DOOR Tour More Partners

Alle verkopen zijn bindend en brengen annuleringsboetes van 100% met zich mee. Meer informatie over annuleringen.


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Beoordelingen van Viator-reizigers

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Simply the best!
, jun. 2021
Follow the follow-up email instructions provided by the tour provider (not Viator) and things will be smooth sailing!
icon Reactie van aanbieder , jun. 2021
Thank you for this! You mean so much to us and we love guests like you! We send out a lengthy step by step guide two days prior and some do not read it. That only causes tension on day of and often leads to a bad review. We do our best to get everyone the information they need with diligence. We thank you for your business.
Great trip but was not the early morning time that we needed and was advertised.
, jun. 2021
Alcatraz visit was great. Enjoyed the boat ride and felt they were organized once we got to the pier. Cost was high but at least we got to see Alcatraz with our late reservation.
icon Reactie van aanbieder , jun. 2021
Hello! Just to show accurate notes: We stated our early tour departs at a time slot of 10a or 11am to which we secured 11am for you. It was delivered just as promised in our sales as. Alcatraz first tour of the day is 10am and 11am during covid season restrictions. We are glad you enjoyed the package!
, jun. 2021
Seeing the realization of Alcatraz. I’m very disappointed with Viator. I ordered early morning tickets and got 1200 o’clock tickets. Had to argue with peer 33 personnel to even get on the ferry. Also the meal tickets were a joke didn’t even get to use them because bubba hump had a 3 hour wait. I feel I was scammed and lied to by Viator. Will never use again or give a good recommendation.
icon Reactie van aanbieder , jun. 2021
Sorry you were dissapointed. This package is up front in saying that your time is between 10a to Noon and you were given noon tickets. We issued you what was promised. We apologize for the wait that you had but a wait is something nobody can control. We delivered what was promised in the agenda but apologize it was not up to your specific time slots. We did advise in advance to go early and put your name on the wait list as social distance in place there may be a wait.
, jun. 2021
Getting to see the realization of Alcatraz What I ordered is not what I got and the meal credit we did not get to use because there was a 3 hour wait to get into bubba gumps I feel scammed and lied to will never use Viator again or recommend to anyone
icon Reactie van aanbieder , jun. 2021
We delivered the ticket time frame that what was promised in the sales ad but apologize that the time slot was not your ideal time slot. We apologize that there was a wait and you chose not to wait even tho we advised to get your name on the reservation list early.
Happy Anniversary
, jun. 2021
Enjoyed the boat ride and interesting tour. The information about the Indians a Alcatraz educational. Next time dress warm
icon Reactie van aanbieder , jun. 2021
BRRRR! It was so warm in San Francisco this weekend yet cold as can be on the island! We hope the cold did not bother you from enjoying your day. We hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in San Francisco.
Incredible Experience
, mei 2021
Absolutely incredible being the First group of visitors to Alcatraz that morning! No rush. Absolutely went at our own pace. Incredible views. Awesome history. An INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE!
icon Reactie van aanbieder , mei 2021
When we first designed this premium package many years ago it was for people like you! We wanted our guests to get a jump start on their day by avoiding the rush that typically comes with a busy day at Alcatraz. Thank you for this awesome review!
$15 a person lunch credit??? Lame
, apr. 2021
Spent 255 for my wife and I to essentially go to Alcatraz. I opted for the lunch since we had our 2 young babys with us. I included them as a part of my party. The lunch options....were Applebee's. No options..that was fine. I wasn't sure the amount we were credited for our lunch. It was 15 a person only including my wife and I. So we got 30 off our meal. Not much of a lunch for 30 in sf. Would choose another activity over a pathetic 30 credit to one place.
icon Reactie van aanbieder , apr. 2021
Glad we could get you on Alcatraz when it was sold out! You are so lucky! We had to turn down five families that couldn’t go this weekend since we sold out. Here is cut and paste from the sales page we sell: "Round-trip ferry to/from Pier 33 and Alcatraz Island $15 Food Credit Fisherman's Wharf Vendor $15 same day food credit towards Wharf restaurant of this tour operators choice. " This is an Alcatraz combo that includes a basic lunch credit. $30 at Applebees covered an entire meal for both you and your wife; and an appetizer as well. That is why we choose this location! Some people pay $30 a person per plate in The Wharf at upscale restaurants! We simply can not justify doing that to your family. We provided everything we informed you of in our advertised program. The food amount is posted well in advance, at time of booking, and when we send your group sales Alcatraz voucher. It is far from a surprise! We advise future guests who care more about food and less about Alcatraz to book an expensive food package instead. The focus of this package is Alcatraz! Have a safe trip home!
, jan. 2020
You can buy $39 ticket from ticket booth. It's not peak season now. Restaurant voucher is not valid until they open...
icon Reactie van aanbieder , jan. 2020
Sorry but this is not a scam at all! We have had hundreds of satisfied guests. Scams are intended to defraud which we provided a service and all components were provided as stated when a schedule is sold out. Your date was originally sold out and last minutes cancels must have become available. Future guests should not always count on tickets being easily available as dates do sell out even on holidays, off peak weekends and certain off season dates. Restaurant voucher is valid when they open for the day and is valid the entire day until they close at night as stated well in advance.
Early morning tour
christian r
, aug. 2019
early morning tour highly recommanded.... less crowd !!! But fog could bother your visit for the vies from alcatraz
icon Reactie van aanbieder , aug. 2019
One of our most popular packages we sell! It may cost a little more than standard packages but it is worth it for the less crowded atmosphere to not feel rushed. We are so happy that you had a good time!
, feb. 2019
Great experience. Everything moved quickly and got us to and from the Rock in a very organized, safe, and friendly environment. Staff was very friendly.
icon Reactie van aanbieder , okt. 2019
We were so happy to see you and glad that you had a good time with us!!

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