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Full-Day Tour of Washington DC and Mt. Vernon

Washington, United States

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400 New Jersey Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001, Verenigde Staten


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, apr. 2021
I booked this tour for a large family group who travelled to visit DC during Cherry Blossom Festival. Knowing it was a high volume time, I booked this tour to secure entry into the Mansion at Mt. Vernon. The reality was a far cry from what was promised - and I had personally spoken with the tour operator, Dr. Ali Zoheny the day before to confirm all the details. With an elderly other and an infant grandchild, I was told we would be on a smaller minibus for the entire day and Dr. Ali would be the guide on that bus. We were directed to park at the Yotel hotel across from the Hyatt and use their lobby to wait since the Hyatt was closed for remodeling. No one at the YOTEL had been told about this arrangement and were clearly upset with us there and very reluctantly allowed us to use the restrooms prior to the start of the day. Our tour of the city started with our driver, Marcia, sharing much about her personal life, but unfortunately, the information she shared regarding the city - was limited and frequently incorrect, eg. there is nothing in Washington that rises higher than the top of the US Capital ...(well, there's the Washington Monument) and Maya Lin designed the Korean War Memorial (you mean the Vietnam War Memorial). Still, she did a great job navigating tough traffic - so I'm surprised she was expected to drive AND give the tour - given Dr. Ali said he was going to be our tour guide all day on OUR bus. (He never did provide any tour information of any kind or accompany any group) We were told there would be time to 'purchase lunch' at Mt. Vernon. But when I called Dr. Ali the day before about the schedule I was told our plan would be to arrive at Mt. Vernon 'for lunch' - which was planned to be 2:30. Thankfully I asked, with small children, we decided to bring our own food/drinks with us. Most others on our bus ended up going the entire day without food/water - this would have been a disaster with kids! I was confused when we had to CHANGE BUSES and move from a minibus to a full size coach for the afternoon Mt. Vernon tour. The afternoon tour was also led by the bus driver, Robert, who was terrific - navigating heavy traffic while doing his best to point our historical items along the way. There was no other designated guide. We arrived at Mt. Vernon' close to 3:40 - and found NO ARRANGEMENTS had been made by the tour operator for us to actually get INSIDE the mansion as was advertised. I know these passes sell out quickly and well in advance - so on this busy weekend, one of my primary reasons for going with a Viator offering mansion access during the full day tour package was the reason I went with this package. Instead, we were only issued general admission to the grounds - which closed at 5. Passengers were outraged at the misrepresenation and deceipt of Dr. Ali - who became defensive and even aggressive in responding to passengers demanding their money back. All food/water purchase options inside Mt. Vernon closed at 4pm. It was evident that Dr. Ali - the tour operator had made no prior arrangements for us for mansion admission - nor did he provide any guided tour of any kind. He drove his private vehicle ahead of our bus enroute to Mt. Vernon and texted us a link to the Mt. Vernon self guided audio tour. After much outcry - he did plead with the Mt. Vernon guide staff to 'let us in' the mansion tour. They couldn't believe his audacity asking to accomodate an entire coach bus on the busiest weekend of the year without having made any prior arrangements. The security staff at Mt. Vernon reported this operator has done this previously - so Dr. Ali seems to have a problem delivering what the tour promises. When confronted, he became hostile and ultimately left us to wander the grounds and grabbing our return bus at 5:55 - well after the grounds closed. And he drove off in his personal vehicle.
icon Reactie van aanbieder , apr. 2021
Refund is absolutely rejected. I’ll address all the points of complains. Let’s start with main issue which was no entry to George Washington house. In our Advertisment as shown below, we claimed that we don’t guarantee that customers can go inside the mansion of George Washington ( we’re introducing The Day tour, a combination of the grand tour and the Alexandria & Mt Vernon tour. After you experience the sight of the monument in their resplendent beauty in Washington DC, you will go on next to visit Alexandria landmarks and the treasured George Washington Estate in Mt Vernon. After seeing some of Washington DC top landmarks on your way to Old Alexandria, you will view the George Washington monument and other tourist sites. The main attraction of this tour will be the Mt Vernon home of George Washington where you’re going to have 2 hours or more visit at the plantation. it’s going to be an audio guided tour where you will listen to an audio detailing the stops and the places you visit.) Because of COVID-19 and large number of visitors during Cherry Blossom weakened, going inside the house was impossible. The Estate and the plantation of George Washington that we guarantee to visit was available to spend up to 2 to 2 and half hours in a self guided tour through audio devices or text sent to your phone covering all the buildings inside the estate. Saturday April 3, 2021 we had three buses were in operation for the Grand Tour in the morning (we had more than one hundred people) and we had one coach bus operated in the afternoon to Alexandria and Mt. Vernon ( we had 32 people) every bus had a driver/guide driving and guiding at the same time and this how we operate for the past 35 years one driver/guide operates the tour. I received three complaints from the same of this group, so far, and they contradict each other. I received a phone call one day before the tour Friday 2nd of April . I guessed she is the mother and the grand mother of most of the group members. From the 1st minute we talked, I knew this lady will look something to complain about. She asked if she can cancel the afternoon tour. I told her if she wants, she needs to do that 24 hours before the tour time. She said she knew that and she is going to think about it. I was not sure if her group is going half day or full day until Saturday morning. I promised her that I’ll reserve the front 20 seats for her group in a mini bus in the morning and if she decided to go in the afternoon tour, I’ll make sure that they will be in the front of the 20 seat of the bus. Usually I don’t do that 1st arrive to the bus 1st get in and after that we ask everyone to maintain the same seats throughout the tour. I fulfilled my promise to her and I was there myself to make sure that happen. The grandmother asked me where to park their car, I told here most of the buildings around the Hyatt have underground public parking including a hotel Accross the Hyatt and if they arrive early they can check with that hotel across from the Hyatt if the hotel will allow them to wait at the lobby. Because of COVID-19, hotels don’t allow non customers of the hotel to get in. It isn’t part of the tour to arrange for the customers their parking or where to stay if they arrive early to the starting point. We give customers suggestions if call and ask. Ms. Marsha Thomas gave the tour in Washington DC in the morning and Mr. Robert Green Gave the tour in the afternoon to Mt.Vernon. Both of them, I trained as drivers/guides 25 years ago. Both of them are Afrecan/Americans native Washingtonians born, lived and educated in Washington DC all their lives. One person from this group complaint about their thick accent and didn’t understand any thing from them. The grand mother praised Robert Green by being “terrific “ During my phone conversation with the grand mother, I advised her to bring a lots of food and drinks as long as they don’t leave any trash in the bus especially they have children and elderly members in the group. I was not a tour guide to any of the buses. Every bus had its own driver/guide. I came to the buses in morning and followed the bus in the afternoon to Mt.Vernon to make sure that the operation is going smoothly especially after I talked the grandmother of this group. Absolutely, refund is rejected.

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